Saturday, December 17, 2016

Garden Additions & Decisions

Look at this adorable man and his cheesy smile!
This week we have been enjoying one of the rarest of rarities in sunny Southern California: rain! My NorCal roots have been showing as I've been, quite literally, dancing in the rain. It drives the nerve damage in my elbow crazy, but it is so desperately needed by our plants (and the whole state).

One of the best things about the rain is that it makes yard work so much easier by softening the soil and cooling off some otherwise intolerably hot days. (Ok, it's not really that bad. It was just so insanely hot during the summer...which lasted until mid-October. That's too long for a season, if you ask me.)

As B and I have been getting our hands (and feet and legs and clothes) dirty weeding this dirt patch that was once a rose garden, Brandon's parents (Rick & Judy) were out collecting succulents and drought-tolerant plants at estate sales for us. We're incredibly lucky to have good people like them helping us out, and we're so SO grateful for their love, guidance, support, and gifts! 😊

When we moved in to the Earl House, we decided that this oddly-shaped patch would be ideal for a vegetable garden: it's small (to keep us from going overboard) and close to the house.

But, after diving into some gardening and backyard homesteading books, we learned that raised beds really are the way to go. It only took us a few (read: MANY) weekends of work on that dirt patch and a trip to the library to figure that out. Oh well, we're learning! 😅

The good news: Now that it's weeded and the soil has been loosened, this patch will make a great little outdoor hangout area featuring a fire pit, some nice outdoor chairs, and a rosemary bush to keep the bugs away (and because it smells good).

Please enjoy this photo of Brandon "falling," as promised on Facebook.
And, regarding the plants from Rick & Judy, we're planning to find them suitable homes in the front yard and side hard. These desert plants are going to do much better in this climate than the current grasses and water-intensive plants we have.

TL;DR - we're young, dumb, and learning. We dug up a dirt patch for nothing. Next on the to-do list is to find some free bricks or pavers and get this project rolling.

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