About Us

Hello! We're Brandon and Sarah, and we live in Pasadena, California. Here's some background on who we are as individuals:

About Sarah

Sarah is a 22-year-old graduate of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sarah grew up far from any real farmland but developed a knack for raising small livestock in the suburbs. She joined the Belmont 4-H Club in San Mateo County at 12 years old and is still active as an adult volunteer today. Sarah's experiences in the 4-H program taught her almost everything she currently knows about farming, homesteading, and animal husbandry. It also taught her not to underestimate the amount of food that can be grown and animals that can be raised in a small space. She once had over 20 bantam chickens in her backyard coop and ran a small hatchery out of her childhood bedroom that successfully hatched over 30 chicks!

Aside from chickens and urban farming, Sarah loves to bake, babysit, and perform improv comedy. Improv is a passion shared by both Brandon and Sarah; they met doing improv at UC Davis as members of an improv team called Birdstrike Theatre. 

About Brandon

Brandon is also a graduate of UC Davis, with a Master's Degree in Poetry and a Bachelor's Degree in Theater (from UC Irvine). Brandon is a SoCal native who grew up in Manhattan Beach, California. At 28 years old, he has no prior experience with gardening, farming, or raising livestock but he does love to search for ways to reduce his environmental impact and prepare for the inevitable apocalypse (a la doomsday preppers). 

When he's not preparing for the apocalypse, Brandon enjoys playing tabletop and role playing games, listening to nerdy podcasts, and reading any and all sci-fi books on this earth. 

And now for some pictures of us together doing fun things:

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